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Tibet Train FAQS

Here we selected some the frequently asked questions about Tibet Trains for you to refer to. If you still have some questions and problems on the Tibet train, you can contact us, and we will give you a satisfied answer.

Taking train to Tibet, you will need a copy of the Tibet Travel Permit before you board a train to Tibet.

Trains to Tibet are few but popular. According to our past experience, you'd better book ticket 3 or 6 months before your date to leave.

Because you need to fill in a health form before depart and it will take mang time to wait for the line. So you'd better arrive at the train station 2 hours in advance before your departure time.

There are three types of seats on the train: hard seat, hard sleeper, soft sleeper. Hard seat is less expensive for it is just a metal seat and you need to sit at it during your long trip to Lhasa. Hard sleeper is better than hard seat for you can sleep when you are tired. There are 6 berths in a cabin. Soft sleeper is the most comfortable and most expensive for the privacy and the soft beds.

Yes, there is water boiler in each car and the boiled water are free for you to take. But cups are not available, so you need to take one cup to have it.

Yes, there is hot water for passengers to clean and wash at the sink area. you can use them for free.

Yes, there are tow electric outlets in each car. You can charge your cell phone, camera or computer. But they may be not enough for all passengers to use, so you'd better save the electric.

Actually, taking a train to Tibet has already released some risk to suffer the high altitude sickness. But is is possible to be sick and breathless. There are two kinds of oxygen system on the train. If you feel sick, you can either use the individual oxygen port or call the attendants to help you.

Yes, There is a dining car on each Tibet train where you will get meals to eat. For breakfast, you can have pickles, cakes, eggs, bread and milk. For breakfast and dinner, you can have only Chinese or Western style dishes. Each dish will cost about 25 RMB.

It will take only about 20 minutes to get to the downtown Lhasa from Lhasa Train Station.

>Boarding Trains to Tibet, you need to carry on the copy Tibet Travel Permit with you. We will get a Tibet Travel Permit for you and mail it to your hotel before you fly to Tibet.

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