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About Food inside Tibet trains

A general cook house next to the first class soft-berth sleeper is equipped on each Tibet train and offers passengers 3 meals a day. Besides, a dining room adhere to the cook house provides tables and seats for those who would like to appreciate the spectacular scenery outside the train window while enjoying their food. In non-meal service time, you are kindly required at least to buy a beer or a cup of tea to seat there, otherwise, you will be drive back to your compartment. Food on the train is double time expensive than those in common cities, but quality is not as good as its price.

For breakfast, passengers will be served with pickels, eggs, bread and milk, which is just 10CNY/serving, but with balanced nutrients. Those who are in favor of noodles could choose from Snow Vegetable Noodle, Beef Noodle, Steak Noodle and so on. Tibetan style dishes are the most popular with passengers. Among all 45 train meals, there are 55 cold dishes, 8 Tibetan dishes, 32 ordinary dishes and 8 soup dishes. Reporters say that they witnessed Stewed yak with Crassulaceae at 25CNY/serving, Turnip & carrot yak at 28CNY/serving and Ginseng salad at 18CNY/serving.

Besides, there is food carried by a handling cart to each train car. All the food on the cart is Chinese style such as fried pork and vegetables usually sold at 20RMB/serving.

As the dining car is busy at meals time, the Train attendants always push the meal cart going through the train, a lunch or supper package includes three dish in Chinese style will costs you about 20 CNY

Tibet Trains dining car

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