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About Shanghai Lhasa Train Tours

T164, as one of the early three railway links with Tibet, connects Shanghai with Lhasa. The railway line covers 8 provinces from east to west China and has 4373 km in total. It normally takes about 47. 47 hours to reach Lhasa from Shanghai. As the train travels amid mountainous range, conductors of each compartment of the train will use Chinese, Tibetan Language and English to introduce renowned scenic spots along the railway line as well as Tibetan customs and making of Tibetan dishes, etc.

First put into use on Oct,1st, 2006, Shanghai-Lhasa train distinguished itself from other trains in an unique way. The train equipped with cutting-edge technology was built to dash on the extreme plateau. The long train, consisting of 15 compartments, could accommodate 863 passengers and 2of the compartments were used as soft sleepers that could house 64 travellers and another 7 compartments were made for hard sleepers capable of accommodating 407 tourists. Still another 5 compartments were set aside for hard seat that contained 392 passengers, while the rest compartment was reserved for dinning car and crew of Shanghai-Lhasa railway.

Shanghai Lhasa Route Map

Shanghai International Airport to Railway Station

Shanghai, being the commercial and financial center of mainland China, enjoys an extensive and efficient public transportation system. Shanghai Pudong International Airport serves as the major hub and gateway for foreign tourists to access China. The mass subway system allows tourists to have an easy travel to virtually anywhere in Shanghai.


To be able to board the Shanghai-Lhasa train, foreign tourists have to show your passport, Tibet Travel Permit, and train ticket to the train inspector. If tourists want to travel in Tibet, you need to find a licensed and trustworthy travel agency to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit.

For detailed introduction of how to apply for Tibet Travel Permit.

Other Alternatives to Shanghai-Lhasa Train

Taking Qinghai-Tibet train is truly popular. It’s extremely difficult for individual travelers to buy train tickets themselves during peak season. If one failed finally, don’t be disappointed.There’s another option,taking train or plane from Shanghai to Xining (The genuine starting point of Qinghai-Tibet railway), then heading to Tibet from Xining . There are several daily trains bound for Lhasa from Xining, and the capacity is even greater than Shanghai-Lhasa train. It is much easier to get tickets.

On the other hand, some travelers may feel uncomfortable spending 47 hours on the train. With the majority of scenic view appearing at the last section of railway line, i.e. from Golmud to Lhasa, so it’s a little bit waste of time to take the train all the way from Shanghai to Xining. If you have enough budget, we highly recommend you taking flight from Shanghai to Xining, and then moving to Tibet by train, in this way you can save time and energy.

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