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On the way from Xining to Lhasa

A glimpse of stunning vista of Gobi Desert in Golmud in fall Qarhan Salt Lake, 750 kilometers away from Xining, might be the first majestic sight that catch your attention when you are on the train to Lhasa for 32 kilometers of the Qinghai Tibet Railway . Yuzhu Peak In May each year, the pregnant Tibetan antelope will migrant to Kekexili Nature Reserve to deliver baby antelope. The tunnel is built under the bridge to allow Tibetan antelope to have an easy access. With an altitude of 4533m, Tuotuo River enjoys a comparatively mild climate in the region of the source of Yangtze River and is the place with the lowest altitude between Kunlun mountain pass and Tangula pass. The Qinghai-Tibet train is heading towards Tanggula Mountain and the phenomenal mountainous range will definitely blow you away. Tsonak Lake, Nakchu Qiangtang Grassland Nakchu Nomad Namtso Lake Lhasa River Potala palace

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