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About Getting Help on Tibet Trains

How to Get Help on the Train?

Some of the staff on the train speak English and they are easy-approaching and hospitable to foreign tourists. If one runs into any trouble, you may ask the head of conductor for help.

Swap Seat: If you find your seat is not with relatives or friends ( pretty common in high season), you may look for the head of conductor to change seat with other passengers if they agree.

Altitude Sickness: On Day 3, most of the passengers may have symptoms of altitude sickness (such as headache, fatigue, difficult sleeping, lack of appetite, etc.) as the train reaches Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Now, you may switch on the oxygen outlet to inhale oxygen to ease the discomfort. If the symptom gets worse, you may find the conductor for help and the doctor on the train will come and give you timely treatment.

Sleep and Eat

There are mainly three categories of accommodations available on Any Major City to Lhasa train, namely soft sleeper, hard sleeper, and hard seat. The Sound sleep matters a lot as to long travel. Given the extreme altitude for second half of the long ride, it is advisable to buy soft sleeper ticket because tourists can have more privacy and enjoy cozy sleeping environment.

* Hard seat is not recommended as the long ride is a huge challenge to tourists stamina and a comfortable accommodation matters a great deal.

Before the departure from Any Major City railway station, do bring enough food. It could be snacks, fruit and instant noodles wrapped in bowls. Sharing snack with room mates is the easiest way to break the silence. The trolleys loaded with food are served in each compartment sporadically and tourists can buy from the staff of train. Besides, Tourists can get free boiled water from hot water dispenser near the sinks. Anther choice is to dine in dinning car.

Other Tips:

Where to recharge your mobile phones and electronic devices?

The power plug for chargers are located in the corridors OR under your table in the cabin with the 4 soft sleepers (in between the 2 lower bunks).

Can tourists have shower in the train?

Unfortunately, there is no shower room in the train. Do bring some wet wipes in stores and a small towel, and small but equally important thing:toilet/tissue paper.

Is it possible to swap ticket with other people to stay with friends or family in the same cabin?

Yes. It is acceptable.You may ask conductor to swap tickets with other passengers to stay with your family or friends.

Is smoking allowed in the cabin?

Smoking is strictly forbidden in the train as the train is tightly sealed and pressurized and oxygen is pumped into the carriage when the train ascends to extreme altitude. It would be devastating if the train caught fire.

Is it necessary to carry Tibet Travel Permit all the time?

Make sure you have your passport, Tibet Travel Permit and ticket with you as you could be checked many times during the long journey. It is advisable to have many copies of Tibet Travel Permit.

How can we minimize the effect of altitude sickness?

The effect of altitude sickness on passengers varies. Yet, to minimize or ease the impact of altitude sickness,one may prepare some altitude sickness tablets before boarding the train and take some when the train climbs to plateau. There is no need to worry too much the altitude sickness, the train is built with oxygen supply system. It is easy to use.

Tourists can manually switch on the oxygen outlet to have oxygen if one gets headache or feels any discomfort because of extreme altitude.

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