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About Beijing Lhasa Train Guide

Launched as early as in July, 2006, Beijing-Lhasa train (T27) has served as one of the three initial railway routes of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, with other two major railway lines moving from Chengdu to Lhasa and Xining to Lhasa. Beijing-Lhasa train stretches as far as 3757km and crosses over 8 provinces and it takes around 43 hours and 51mins from Beijing to Lhasa and its return train is T28(Lhasa-Beijing).

Beijing Lhasa Route Map

Beijing is the best place to begin Qinghai-Tibet train journey

Beijing is considered as the best place to begin Tibet Journey because Beijing enjoys easy transportation and China’s classical historical attractions. Known as the capital and one of the most vibrant cosmopolitans of China, Beijing is often the first option for foreign travellers to access China. Beijing Capital International Airport, being the second busiest airport in the world, has an annual throughput of over 83.71 million passengers in 2013 and it can literally receive travellers from any part of the globe and vice versa.

Foreign tourists may choose to land in Beijing and tour some must-see attractions such as Forbidden City, Summer Palace,Great Wall, Tienanmen Square, etc. en route to Tibet by Qinghai-Tibet railway. Besides, some of tourists can continue their journey to Nepal via Tibet. In fact, Beijing-Tibet-Nepal is one of the most popular tourism routes for travellers to travel in Asia.

How to Read Beijing to Lhasa Ticket and What Are Needed for Booking?

If someone wants to travel to Tibet by railway from Beijing, it is also important to know how to get the permit to enter into Tibet. You do not need the permit to book the tickets but you do need it to board the train. Is still impossible to enter in Tibet as backpackers, so travellers need the help of travel agency to apply for Tibet Travel Permit in advance. Tibet Travel Permit as well as your ticket need to be checked when you check in. Photo copy of the permit is acceptable in Beijing west railway station, while original one is required in Xian. Normally, travel agencies get your permit some days before you board the train for Lhasa and deliver it to your hotel.

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What sort of window view do we expect to see ?

Just like the road trip by car, one could enjoy the scenery on both side of the road. The stunning scenery along the Beijing-Lhasa railway line will never let you down. As the train passes Xining and enters Golmud region, the breathtaking view appears one after another. Be sure to capture the memorable experience with your camera. Major attractions are Qarhan Salt Lake, Yuzhu Peak, Kekexili Nature Reserve, Tuotuo He River, Tangula pass, Tsonag Lake, Qiangtang prairie, Namtso, etc.

Having a ride on Qinghai-Tibet train like Beijing-Lhasa route is definitely the experience of a lifetime. Besides, the long distance and pressurized train tailor-made for acclimatization of extreme altitude make the ride different from other train journey. Following tips are suggested for tourists to better enjoy the life on Beijing-Lhasa train. See more: detailed introduction of scenery of Qinghai-Tibet railway.

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