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About Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit

Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit is a must-have permission from Chinese government for all foreign tourists to Tibet. It is also known as "TTB Permit" or "Tibet Entry Permit". Some people also called it as "Tibet Visa" or "Lhasa Visa".

1. Who should apply for a TTB permit?

All foreign tourists should apply for a TTB permit in advance when they are planning to enter Tibet Autonomous Region. They are:

  • 1) Non-Chinese passport holders: USA citizens, Australian citizens, Canadian citizens, Russian citizens, etc.
  • 2) Overseas Chinese people who do not have Chinese passport or ID Card.
  • 3) Taiwanese

2. How and Where to apply for a TTB permit?

The TTB permit should be entrusted a Tibet local travel agency to apply for from Tibet Tourism Bureau.

We are a Tibet local travel agency. It is quite easy for you to get one with our help. However, we have to submit your document and information to Tibet Tourism Bureau at least 15 to 20 days before your leaving for Tibet. Please contact us for your Tibet tour as soon as you can.

The detailed procedures of our service:

  • 1) Send us a scan copy of passport, tour date and travel plan at least 25 days prior to your Tibet tour starting; we customize a travel itinerary according to your requirements;
  • 2) Send a deposit for the Tiber travel itinerary we arranged through Paypal or bank transfer;
  • 3) We submit your personal information to Tibet Tourism Bureau and help you apply for TTB permit;
  • 4) After around 15 days, we send your TTB permit to your place ( tell us a detailed address in China ).
Tibet Tourist Bureau Permit - Lhasa Visa

What about TTB permit cost?

Official info: The Tibet Tourism Bureau does not charge commission for the TTB permit.

However, we charge $100 to $200 per person for the service charge of TTB permit application, according to how long the travel itinerary is, because we apply for the TTB permit on behalf of tourists and we spend a lot on human resource to handle the application, such as sorting out travel information, preparing paper and electronic documents, dealing with several government departments, delivering the document to tourists, etc.

In addition, there is a good way to get free TTB permit: to book our Tibet Group Tour package. We are welcome to your inquiry for our Tibet group tour and free TTB permit service.

4. Why TTB permit is "must"?

Considering that Tibet is still the sensitive areas of mainland China, and Tibet's unique ethnic traditions, cultural heritage, tourist service facilities, multi-tribal belief, special environment and transport capacity, the National Tourism Administration prescribed that all foreign tourists including Non-Chinese passport holders, Taiwanese and overseas Chinese tourists have to get a TTB permit before their leaving for Tibet.

5. Where is TTB permit used?

When boarding your flight in airport or train to Tibet, you are required to showcase your TTB permit to the security counter. If you travel to Tibet by road from Zhangmu, you also show them at China-Nepal border. After your arrival in Lhasa and checking in hotels, you have to show again.

After you land Tibet region, only the tour guide could hold the permit. You are not allowed to bring with it to travel anywhere you want because you also need another permits named as "Aliens's Travel Permit" and "Military Permit" except in Lhasa.

6. Tips on how to apply for Tibet Travel Permits

  • 1) Don't list places that foreign tourists are not allowed to visit as destinations. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
  • 2) Avoid traveling to Tibet in March. Since 2008, March has been a politically sensitive month in Tibet.
  • 3) Avoid visiting Tibet when political events or significant are held in China. During the time, the government will tighten security.
  • 4) Try best to find more travel mates. The more members in your group, the more chances to get a permit.
  • 5) Although we can apply the urgent application, it is not advisable. Please send your documents to us in advance.

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