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About Tibet Group Visa, Entering Tibet from Nepal side

A Group Visa is a "must" for your Tibet tour from Kathmandu, Nepal. No mater whether you already have a China Visa or not, you need to apply for a new China Visa which is a group visa at the Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. This policy is regulated by the border treaty signed between Nepal and China. With Group Visa, you also have to apply for Tibet Travel Permit and are able to enter Tibet regions.

Tibet Group Visa

What is Group Visa?

Group Visa is a type of China Entry Visa. It is used for the foreign tourists who want to travel to Tibet from Nepal and needn't apply for a China Visa as others hold when entering mainland China. Even if you have holden a China Visa, you have to apply for Group Visa in Kathmandu and the China Visa you have holden before automatically expires when the new one is applied. However, there is a advantage that you can enter mainland China, only holding Group Visa.

This kind of visa is usually valid for 15 or 20 days. The group may be any number of travelers, and may be just one traveler. It is not placed in your passport, but is a sheet of paper that lists all of the names of the people in your group along with their nationalities, birth dates and passport numbers.

How to apply for Group Visa?

Foreign tourists should allow 4 days or more in Nepal for Group Visa application and Tibet Travel Permit to be processed. We can help you to apply for Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit and write a Invitation Letter for your Group Visa application in Kathmandu.

The detailed procedures of our service:

  • 1) Send us a scan copy of passport, tour date and plan at least 25 days prior to Tibet tour starting; we customize a travel itinerary according to your requirements;
  • 2) We write a Invitation Letter to get a Group Visa number; meanwhile, we help to apply for your Tibet Tourism Bureau Permit - TTB Permit ;
  • 3) We get your TTB permit and then send scan copies of TTB permit and Invitation Letter to you;
  • 4) Hold your passport, scan copies of TTB permit and Invitation Letter to Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu for Group Visa application;
  • 5) You will get Group Visa in couples of days.

What about Group Visa application cost

Different price for foreign tourists from different countries:

  • For Americans:
    • Top Urgent Visa: $175 ( 1 - 2 working days )
    • Semi Urgent Visa: $155 ( 3 - 4 working days )
    • Normal Visa: $140 ( 5 - 7 working days )

  • For Non-USA:
    • Top Urgent Visa: $85 ( 1 - 2 working days )
    • Semi Urgent Visa: $65 ( 3 - 4 working days )
    • Normal Visa: $50 ( 5 - 7 working days )

Where are Group Visa Used?

When you are checking in the Kathmandu airport for your flight to Tibet, you will showcase your Group Visa and TTB permit to the security counter. If you travel to Tibet by road from Zhangmu, you also show them at China-Nepal border. After your arrival in Lhasa and checking in hotels, you have to show again.

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