The big different temperatures in day and night make cold-proof clothes necessary even visit Tibet in the hottest months - July and August


You can find star-rated hotels in big cities of Tibet such as Lhasa, Shigatse, Tsedang, and Nyingchi, but hotels in small cities and remote areas are very basic.


Tibetan Map ( in English & Chinese ), is a large collection of Tibet Autonomous Region map, which we chosen carefully. They will help you better explore the mysterious land of Tibet region.


This picturesque and holy land catches many tourists' hearts through its snow clad mountain peaks, crystal blue skies, sacred monasteries etc.., this place has the essence of serenity, purity and uniqueness to gift people to cherish for a lifetime.

Tibet Visa

Tibet Travel Permits are the must-have documents required for your tour Tibet in addition to Chinese Visa. The permits vary according to the places that travellers plan to visit, and are issued by different Tibet authority bureaus.


Due to Tibet plateau as the "roof of world" with average altitude of over 4,000m above the sea level, Tibet climate is special: a little harsh, with thin air, intense ultraviolet radiation, and distinct rainy season and dry season.

Tibet Major Tours and Travel destination

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