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About Shigatse prefecture level City


Shigatse is a famous cultural, religious and History Area since 12th century. It consist of one city and 18 counties. Samdrup Tse as administrative centre of the prefecture-level city. It is roughly equivalent to the ancient Shigatse urban centre, the second-largest city in Tibet, located about 280 km (174 miles) south west of Lhasa and home to the massive and magnificent Tashilhunpo Monastery, traditionally the seat of the Panchen Lama

Traditionally Known as Tsang region, it include few major town like : Gyantse, Tingri, Nyalam, Lhatse, and border town Dromo (Yadong) and Dram(Zhamu). To the south of Shigatse stands Mt. Chomolangma, the highest mount in the world.

Mt Chomolangma

Situated in Tingri County on Sino-Nepalese border, Mt Chomolangma is 8844 metres above sea level, Its massif includes neighbouring peaks Lhotse 8,516 m, Nuptse 7,855 m and Changtse, 7,580 m. . In total They are 4 peaks above 8,000 m, and 38 peaks with elevation over 7,000 m. In Tibetan Buddhist Miyolangsangma, the Goddess of Inexhaustible Giving, is believed to lived at the top of Mt. Everest.

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Palkor Monastery

located at the western end of Changge mountain in Gyangtse county. Palkor monastery was first built in 1414.Its 17 Dratsang (College)belong to three different sects - Sakya, Kadam and Gelug. The palkor moanstery features the combination of all religious sect.The Hall of Tsokchen in the monastery is in majestic splendour.

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Sakya Monastery

About 160 km west of Shigatse, thw sakya monastery is composed of South and North monasteries and contains a great number ofTibetan classics such as Kangyur, Tengyur, Pattra-leaf sutras and books on astronomy, geography, history, medicines and literatures,

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Tashilhunpo Monastery

Lying at foot of Nyima mountain in the outskirts of Shigatse, The TashiLhunpo Monastery was built in 1447 under supervision of the first Dalai Lama Gedhun Drupa,one of the disciples of great Master Tsongkapa. Later it has served as the dwelling place for Respetive Panchen Lama. The TashiLhunpo Monastery contains a 22.4 m high glided bronze statue of Matriaya Buddha, the tallest of its kind in the world.

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Lhabu Gyikang Mountain

A boundary mountain between Nyalam and Tingri counties, Lhabu Gyikang Mountain consists of three peaks arranged in a row from east to west. each with an elevation of more than 7,000 m. Among them the highest is 7,367 m above sea level. Around the mountain are icy peaks, slopes covered with ice and snow and forest of ice pagodas. It is fascinating that there are many alpine glacier lakes in Lhabu Gyikang Mountain, such as lake Golangma on the northern slope.

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