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About Ngari Prefecture

In the west of Tibet, Ngari has an average elevation of more than 4,500 m, known as the roof the Tibet, There are great mountains, beautiful lakes, vast grasslands and spectacular snow mountains in Ngari. Also is sources for Major rivers in Indian Subcontinent. It was heart of the ancient kingdom of Guge. Also cradle of ancinet Zhang-Zhung Civilization. Ngari has scarcely populated, but it is a paradise to wild yak and Tibetan antelopes. It has six counties.

There are national Protection Sites of the key Historical Relics, Ruins of the the Guge Kingdom and Toding Monastery; National Geographic Park, Tsada Earthen Forest. There is also Daba Temple, Manang Temple, Ruins of the Shangtse Castle. etc

Ruins of Guge Kingdom

After Tibet Empire Collapse, Guge kingdom was born, Guge kingdom played important role from 10th century to 17th Century. However, a war in 1630 destroyed thw whole kingdom. The glory and vicissitudes of guge kingdom is still a riddle up to now. The surviving buildings of Guge kingdom are altogether 1,416 including caves, houses, watchtowers, ancient towers are scattered on the slope over 300 m high. As the capital of the ancient Guge Kingdom, it has the largest complex of architecture in Tibet. The red hall, White Hall, Yamantaka Hall are comparatively well preserved.

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Sacred Lake Mapam Yumtso

As one of the sacred lakes in Tibet and one of the highest fresh water lakes in the world, Manasarovar lake is 4,586 m above sea level and 77 m deep, with an area of 412 sq km. on the slope of the mountain by the lake stands the Jiwu monastery, which is an ideal place to overlook the lake.

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Mount kailash

As the main peak of Gangdise Mountain, Gang Rinpoche peak is 6.638 m above sea level. Over 250 glaciers around peak make it the sources of the Indus, Ganges and Yarlung Tsangpo rivers.

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Zhada Earthen Forest

As a typical typography, Zhada earth forest can be called an extraordinary master work of the nature. It is the sole one in China and the typical one in the world. it is most representative at both side of Langchen Tsangpo. The earthen forest is 5,000 sq km in scale, while the kernel area is 800 sq km The most magnificent earthen forests are distributed at Zhada Gully and Sangda Gully. It was Evaluated as national Geographic park in 2005.

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Toding Monastery

Toding Monastery begen to be built in 996, and it is the first Buddhist Monastery constructed in Ngari Prefecture by Guge Kingdom. The murals of the Monastery can be called the unique paintings through the ages. the second dissemination of Buddhism is originated here. It affords a lot of precious material in kind for research of the building, sculpture, painting, art, etc. It is worth visiting and studying and has been evaluated as a National Protection Sites of the Key Historical Relics.

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