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AboutNagchu Prefecture

Situated in the north of Tibet, Nagchu is 338 km north of Lhasa, at the confluence of the three highways - Qinghai- Tibet Highway, Northern section of Sichuan- Tibet Highway and the Heihe Highway. Nagchu has favourable transportation facilities and unique landscape. The ruins of ancient Shang-Shung culture, the Bon monasteries and herdmen's life on the plateau of Nagchu are very attractive to visitors.

Qangtang Grasslang

In the Area between kunlun mountains, Tanggula mountains and Gangdise- Nyachentangla mountains, its land area covers 2/3 of the whole Tibet. Its Average elevation reaches more than 4,500 m. With unique scenery, Qiangtang Grassland teems with 1,000 species of wildlife, of which some 40 species under the protection of the state and autonomous region. There are vast prairies and glaciers, numerous mountains and lakes, hot springs, terrestrial heats.

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Zhoima Canyon Natural Scenic Zone

In Gulu Township 92 km to the south of Nagchu Town, the Zhoima Canyon Scenic Spot has an average elevation of 4,700 meters. It has good transport facilities and a nice natural environment with beautiful mountains and lakes. In June and July, the climate here is temperate and comfortable. With flowers and grass everywhere, the spot is very attractive.

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Biru Skull Wall

Biru Skull Wall is located in Nagqu Biru County. It’s a wall piled by human being’s skull and it’s a very good case for studying funeral custom. The Celestial burial platform was built on the hillside nearby, facing south. There are 3 rooms facing north and inside each room, there is a Nepali Stupa on both sides of the room. One the southern wall, more than 200 skulls are pilled up like bricks. In front of the walls, there are a few big rocks, which are used as cutting board to dismember the bodies. Even nowadays, it is still a mystery why they skulls were kept.

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Maimo Cave

There is a natural stone ladder in the cave. And by the entrance, there are two stone pillars on both sides, like two guards. Not far from the entrance, there is an altar piled up by rocks. And on the entrance, there is a natural Tibetan word ‘A'. And there is also a natural stone lion. After entering the cave, many small caves can be seen and there are a lot of Icicles hanging everywhere. The sound when water drips is very pleasant. The local Tibetans say this cave at least 100 kilometers long and there is another one that is more than 200 kilometers long. They all have very high scientific exploration and adventure value.

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Rongma Rock Art And Hot Spring

Situated in Nima County. In the north there is a hot spring with hundreds sq m size, which is always surrounded by steamed air. Taking bath in this hot spring does help to cure arthritis and skin diseases. And also enjoying the rock art from the ancient times is a real pleasure while bathing in the hot spring. Rongma rock art is located on the mountains of Rongma County. There are a lot of rock paintings left from the ancient times and the one in Jialin Mountain is the most famous as the paintings change color and style when the weather and time changes.

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