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AboutChamdo Prefecture Level City

Chamdo is a beautiful, vast and fertile land in the valleys of the Dricku River, Tsarchu River and Gyermo Nguchu River at the foot of Hengduan Mountains. It attracts tourists from home and abroad with its wonderful complicated geographic situations, different topographies, various climatic conditions and dense forests, especially of ancient historical sites and simple local folklore. It is the China Shangrila Ecological Tourist Zone jointly created by Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet, and the “Ancient tea and Horse Road” has made it well known both at home and abroad

Jampaling Monastery

Standing on the Red hill, the Potala palace is the higest of its kind in world. it was first built in seventh century, with 13- storey main building, 117 metre high. Its composed of Redcand WHite palace, The mian buildings in the palace consist of the Few Major Hall for Tomb Stupa of Respective Dalai Lama. walls are fully painted of Tibetan style mural. white palace is the residence of Dalai lama and Head quater of major political office.

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Karub Ruins

In the Tibetan Language, Norbu means Jewels garden, where Dalai lama once stayed to escape from summer heat. First Constructed in the 1740s, Norbu Linga covers an area of 360,000 sq meter. It was the place where the seventh Dalai lama once took bathes and recuperation. later it becam the summer palace for respective Dalai lama.

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Land of Painters

As the best preserved street in Lhasa, Barkhor surround Jokhang temple, which meant for middle circulation. Depicts religion, economy, culture, ethnic handicrafts and Tibetan customs lifestyle. At night, Barkhor street is very enchanting. when night falls and street lights are lit. All the shops are still open for business. The melodiuos music accompanied by various sound of paddlers hawking their waves, and tempting smell of different snacks will make visitors enjoy themselves so much as to forgot back home.

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Hongla Mountain Ecological Zone

Located in the centre of the ancient city Lhasa, was constructed in the seventh century by Nepalese Princess Bhrikuti. Its four Floors Main building demonstrate a combination of Tibetan, Indian, Nepalese and Chinese architectural styles, as well as a mandala world outlook of Buddhism.with the hall of Amityus sutra as its centre, the Jokhang temple symbolise nuclear of universe.

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Chamoling Wild Deer Park

Namtso with an elevation of 4,718 meters above sea level, It is highest lake on the world. It covers area of 1,40 sq km. lying beyond Nyachen Tangla Mountain Range, about 60 km northwest of Damxung county, It is one of three holy lakes in Tibet.

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